If you’re a meat lover visiting Origins, you’ll definitely have to stop by Boeriewagon; a South African eatery specialising in Boerwors, also known as ‘farmers sausage’. Think of them as the ultimate snag. These handmade tubes of meaty goodness are far too big to fit into any standard hot dog roll (so Bunnings sausage sizzles are probably off the cards with these ones). However, they do pair well with hot chips, fried onions or even a roll of bread on the side.

Aside from offering super sausages, Boeriewagon will also be serving up Vetkoek (deep fried bread with filling), succulent steaks, meat kebabs, breakfast mains and more. If you want to take home a snack for later (or something to chow down on as you walk around the precinct), they’ve also got a number of biltong flavours to choose from.


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