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CAPRICOPIA FARM is home to Wiltshire Horn sheep, dairy and fibre goats.  It is the farm behind Smudge Goat Milk Soap, Puck & Dougal Wool and Tartan Dreaming handwoven Wool Products.

When my first real dairy goat Smudge began producing 4 litres of milk a day, I began making soap and selling it at local markets in 2014.  The obviously handmade, natural, soap is made with my own fresh goat’s milk, coconut oil and local olive oil from Wulura.  For the scented soaps I only use pure essential oils like lavender, rose geranium, lemongrass and other natural ingredients like crushed walnuts, clay or sandalwood powder.  With NO palm oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, harsh detergents, parabens or fragrance, the soap is popular for delicate and sensitive skin.

I have added a liquid goat’s milk soap to the range. This is made from equal parts of goat’s milk, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil saponified with lye then dissolved into filtered rainwater.  This natural, moisturising, multi-use wash can be used for hands, hair and body (and even the dishes). The natural sugars in the milk give a honey/caramel scent to the soap.

In 2014 I also joined the local spinning and weaving group and got a couple of Angora goats! My handwoven scarves and shawls are inspired by the Australian landscapes and influenced by the tartans of my Scottish homeland.

Sheep and bees have also been added to the farm and the beeswax is used for candles and natural herbal balms.

Animal welfare is at the heart of the homestead with natural fodder systems for the goats, sheep and bees. We have planted over 10,000 trees and shrubs on the property, providing perennial food for all the animals. The goats naturally wean their kids at 5 months and the Angora goats are shorn twice a year.

I am committed to keeping old skills alive, inspiring people to be self-sufficient. I run workshops regularly at Origins Market where you can learn how to make cheese, beeswax candles and spin yarn in the same way it was done hundreds of years ago.


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