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Fun-Filled Adventures: Kids’ Guide to Busselton this Easter School Holidays 2024

The Easter school holidays are fast approaching, and parents everywhere are asking the age-old question…Where do we take the kids? Thankfully, Origins Market has curated the ultimate guide to keep the kids entertained in Busselton during these school holidays. From sandy beaches to captivating events, there will be stories to be shared at the next show and tell. 

easter school holidays 

Easter School Holiday Activities

1. Busselton Jetty

Any road trip down south will require a stop at the famous Busselton Jetty. Take a break from your long drive and enjoy a walk above the waters on one of the longest wooden jetties in the Southwest. There is much to do and see here. Capture the moment by taking the iconic Busselton Jetty family photo, and let the kids run around the Busselton foreshore playground as you sit down and enjoy a nice afternoon tea. Not too far off is the Origins Market, where you can stock up on all your needed supplies, from fresh local produce to local vendors serving an assortment of goods. You will find everything that you will need for your trip. 


2. Busselton Underwater Observatory 

Right at the end of the Busselton Jetty, there is an experience that will amaze not only the kids but the whole family as well. Go beneath the waters and experience the marine life viewable in the Busselton Underwater Observatory. Witness the ecosystem beneath the waters, having stood its time. 


3. Meelup Beach: 

Head to Meelup Beach for a day of sun, sand, and sea. Let the kids splash in the crystal-clear waters and build sandcastles on the pristine shore. Stroll along the coastal trail, soaking in breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding bushland. Pack a picnic and enjoy a family lunch amidst the natural beauty of Meelup Beach’s picturesque surroundings. 


4. Sugarloaf Rock: 

Venture to Sugarloaf Rock and marvel at the spectacular coastal scenery. Kids will be captivated by the towering granite formation rising majestically from the ocean. Keep an eye out for playful dolphins and other marine life frolicking in the azure waters surrounding Sugarloaf Rock. Don’t forget to snap a family photo against the backdrop of this iconic natural wonder, creating lasting memories of your holiday adventure. 


5. Events at Origins Market: 

Origins Market is not just your one-stop shop for local vendors and fresh produce; we celebrate the best that Western Australia has to offer. Hosting events that cater to a range of ages, abilities, and interests, we will have plenty to offer you and your family during these school holidays. For the easter weekend, we will be running all sorts of activities, from face painting to scavenger hunting and several chances to meet the Easter Bunny! There will be something for everyone; if you want to know what else may be on as you plan your trip, check our event calendar here. 


The school holidays in Busselton promise endless adventures and unforgettable experiences for kids and families alike. From taking iconic family photos to marvelling at our coastal wonders, there’s no shortage of excitement to be had. So, on your trip down to Busselton, make sure to visit Origins Market and celebrate our local events together, creating cherished memories. 

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