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Our Story

When the Origins Market concept was conceived, the founders had two simple beliefs.

Firstly, that West Australians are smart and passionate about the transparency and provenance of the food and crafted products they buy and consume.

They are also increasingly conscious that not only buying fresh and local, shortens supply chains and is better for the environment and economy, but also that the southwest has some of the best quality and innovative growers, producers, and creative entrepreneurs in the world.

Secondly, because the owners are local too, they understand that West Aussies are a sociable bunch, who love a get together and yarn over a tasty plate, cold beer or rich red.

They Believed

They believed that if you could combine a unique fresh retail space where you can taste, test and choose, with a super casual, but exceptional quality licenced dining experience, you could create an authentic environment and community where locals, visitors and producers connect and come together to celebrate and share the best of the West.

So, Origins was Born

So, Origins was born. An inspirational space to visit, hang out and meet the locals – the artisan, butcher, baker and the candlemaker, as well as the brewer and barista, providore and weaver, vintner and ice cream maker. 

A collective community of real people with a love of the south west and all that it offers, a group of individuals who relentlessly pursue excellence in their field, brought together under one roof, close to a place where traditional owners have met and sourced food for over 50,000 years.


Wonnerup Wetlands

Prior to being built, Origins consulted with Wadandi elder Dr Wayne Webb who unearthed the neighbouring Wonnerup Wetlands stories. The wetlands were like the original supermarket, a meeting place, and a source of food. Local people used to call it ‘the food bowl of the south west.

Telling the stories

Three local artists elder Aunty Sandra Hill, Ian Mutch and Alan Meyburgh were tasked to tell these stories through an array of installations woven through the fabric of the Origins building to create connection to land and country, particularly highlighting the significance the wetlands had to traditional owners.

Through Art

The wetlands are highlighted in an entry sculpture by Alan Meyburgh displayed on the Market’s façade – a series of seven flying Ibis returning home to wetland paperbark trees. Ibis are essential to local farmers as they manage pests, and they use the wetlands to roost, nest and feed.

Alan also created sculptural bike racks with seats that look like wetlands reeds and a dog bowl that portrays swan eggs, an essential part of the ecosystem of the wetlands. 

Wayne said as a boy at the wetlands, he would look for swan eggs for food. They just took enough so that it was sustainable, swans would keep breeding and growing but there was food too. 

Six Seasons

Along the centre of the market visitors can see three rows of beautiful tapestries suspended from the ceiling by artist Sandra Hill.

Building on the stories shared by Wayne, Sandra created drawings which depict the Wadandi six seasons that are intrinsically linked to the production of food in the region as they represent and explain the seasonal changes we see annually.

Interested In Becoming An origins Makers?

If you are thinking about taking your business to the next level, we’re here to help!  

We have short and long term leases available so you can try out market life before you take the leap permanently. 

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