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Bunuru – The Season of the Adolescence

As February turns into March, the second summer, Bunuru (the season of the adolescence) begins. As adolescents grow and prepare to enter the world and make a difference, so too does Origins Market, as we build our warm and nurturing home of local producers, makers, creators and growers.

Usually the hottest part of the year with little rain, when the white flowering gums are in full bloom, families would traditionally get together to hold their annual meetings and gatherings. These gatherings took took place along the coast, rivers and estuaries, meaning that freshwater foods and seafood was (and still is) a popular food source during Bunuru. Origins Market producer, Revolution Fisheries are serving up premium, local line caught fish, crabs and lobster during this season, which are perfect for a special meal enjoyed with family and friends.

As the weather turns, certain fruits and vegetables are also in peak season. Keep an eye out for cherries, grapes and melons as the warmer weather cools. Beans, carrots, cabbage, chilli and pumpkin are also coming into season and ready to be enjoyed at their peak. Eat sustainably and locally by seeking out these seasonal favourites.

Apples are also in season, so not only are our fresh produce growers busy picking, Core Cidery, also one of the Origins Market vendors, is brewing and bottling. Bunuru also heralds the harvest season at vineyards in the South West, with Origins Market’s participating wineries beginning to pick their 2021 vintages.

The productive buzz is not limited to Vineyards at this time, with bee numbers growing in February. In March, the Queen’s egg production decreases however autumn natives are coming into full bloom, leading to great honey production. Follow our hive journey in conjunction with the University of Western Australia soon!

Join our journey by following our updates on social media as we grow in 2021.

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