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Vendor Spotlight: Vasse Valley Hemp Farm

Hemp is one of the oldest agricultural crops, there are over 25,000 uses and the seeds have amazing powers. A natural and sustainable food source, hemp seeds provide some unique health benefits and Vasse Valley Hemp Farm wants everyone to know. 


The family-owned Vasse Valley Hemp Farm, is both a grower of hemp and a developer of hemp products. 


In 2014, Chris and Bronwyn Blake purchased a small farm in North Jindong. It was around this time that Chris was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. This debilitating spinal arthritis causes the spine to slowly fuse. The anti-inflammatory prescribed relieved Chris’ pain but they also made him ill. The couple searched for alternative natural solutions. In their research, they discovered hemp seed oil and terpenes to be a highly effective and natural anti-inflammatory. This led to the decision to grow hemp and manufacture hemp products. 

While medicinal cannabis can be expensive and difficult to access, hemp is far more accessible. The hemp-based supplements can provide relief for stress, anxiety, auto-immune diseases and more by improving overall health and treating the underlying problems rather than symptoms alone.

Terpene tonics have similar benefits to CBD oil – the medicinal component in cannabis. In fact, Vasse Valley describes its terpenes and hemp foods as a precursor to medicinal cannabis. Vasse Valley’s terpene range won the 2022 Business Innovation Award.


Vasse Valley Hemp Farm’s award-winning products can be found at Origins Market. Curious? Come and have a chat with Chris and Bronwyn, they’d love to meet you and answer your questions about hemp. Add hemp seeds to your pantry staples this weekend!

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