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Vendor Spotlight: Tora Sushi

One of the best things about Origins Market is the variety of eateries. On any given day you can come and enjoy the cuisine of different countries around the world.  

A recent addition to the markets is Tora Sushi, and as the name suggests it is a Japanese themed eatery with a selection of sushi on the menu. But when you come for a visit, you will discover that Tora Sushi is much more than your standard California rolls.  

Richard and his wife Eva have created an authentic Japanese experience at Tora Sushi that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Busselton.

Before opening the Tora Sushi stall at the markets, the couple gained experience working at other food venues, including another sushi shop and a cafe. But it was their passion for Japanese cuisine that encouraged them to start a business of their own.  

The friendly pair love to talk to customers and teach them about Japanese food and the different flavours. All ingredients are locally sourced where possible, though they do need to get a few ingredients from Japan to make sure it is authentic flavouring.

Tora’s most popular dish is the Teriyaki Chicken. The teriyaki sauce is made onsite using a secret family recipe. Believe us, it is a dish worth trying at least once!

All the sushi is hand-rolled using the freshest ingredients, making it a healthy choice. If you are looking for catering, you can order platters for your next event. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available.

A quick and convenient takeaway it is a popular option with the lunchtime crowd. And on these wet and windy days, there is nothing better than sipping on a warm cup of miso soup. 

Come and visit Richard and Eva at the markets to learn about Japanese food and be sure you try something from the menu – you won’t be disappointed!

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