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Vendor Spotlight: Flix Handcrafted Jewellery

If you are looking for beautiful jewellery for that special person you need to visit Flix Handcrafted Jewellery. 

Felicity Mines, Flick as we call her, is the wonderful human behind Flix Handcrafted Jewellery, and she is a constant source of inspiration and positivity. 

Flick has been making jewellery for almost 30 years, but she is also a teacher, competitive tennis player,  tennis coach and dog agility competitor!

She spent 12 years teaching art and PE at schools in the Goldfields; she is proud to have gotten a mention in the Boulder Primary Centenary book. During this time as a teacher Flick began making jewellery, with her friend she started the Youth of the Goldfields Exhibition at the A Class Gallery in Kalgoorlie. 

After a time, Flick decided to return home to the South West and bought a house in Busselton, close to where she grew up in Yarloop. Many of you will remember the devastating fires of 2016 in which the town was burned down, including Flick’s childhood home. 

Joining Origins Market has made her feel like she has a real business, after moving around from market to market she now has a permanent home. The name for the business came from combining her nickname, Flick with her dad’s name Felix to produce Flix. Flick’s partner Simon makes most of her displays from recycled materials and furniture, and her son Harry is her roadie and provides constant support.

Flick creates classic pieces for all ages, she is not a jeweller or a silversmith and professes to ‘making things her own way’. And it works! She takes inspiration from the special connection we have to places and the memories we all have.  

Her passion drives her to continually tweak and improve her designs. She listens to her customers and crafts beautiful custom-made jewellery to suit their style, “I love to make things that fit that one special person. I love that we are all different and one size doesn’t fit all.”   

When you visit her stall, you might not notice her at first. But behind the golden picture frames and rows of necklaces and earrings on display you can see Flick busy at work on her latest collection. 

Flick is at Origins Market every Thursday to Sunday, and she’d love for you to come say hello. 

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