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Vendor Spotlight: Sour Boys Candy

There is something magical about live performances. At the Sour Boys Candy stall there is always something to see. Kids and adults are captivated by the colourful lengths of hot sugar that are rolled, stretched and twisted. 


Sour Boys Candy is owned by two local Busselton lads that like to dream big, Matt Brick (Bricky) and Mat Maynard. Before going into business together, Mat and Bricky were contemplating the direction for the next chapter of their lives over a couple of beers at the pub, the place where many good decisions are made. 

Originally, Bricky had a smaller space at the markets right next to the one they’re in now. He had a dream of creating an in-house candy store and shared the idea with his friend. Mat realised how awesome this idea was – having fun, performing and making candy! Their conversations continued and a plan began to grow. 

What started as an idea written on the back of a beer coaster turned into Sour Boys. Now, they are living their best lives, making candy and putting smiles on people’s faces.

Bricky has been making candy for over 15 years and ran his own store in Melbourne. He took a hiatus from candy making, returning to the South West and worked in the wineries.


Mat is relatively new to the candy-making scene. His time as a chef, a hospitality manager and having a trade in canvas production has made candy-making easier to learn. But he admits it is more likely that his years as a circus performer landed him the role.  When he’s not at the markets he runs a small IT business.

The ethos of small and local is very much at the heart of their business. Everything is made on-site using local ingredients to make delicious rock candy, lollipops and home favourites. Sour Boys specialise in custom candy for personal events such as weddings, birthdays and branding for business promotions with a range of sizes and packaging options available.


The Sour Boys ‘Candy Shows’ are legendary; Origins Market is the only place in WA where you can watch hard candy being made from scratch. Come and see for yourself, we’re open Thursday to Sunday every week. 

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