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Explore the Top 10 Breakfasts in Busselton

Wake up and smell the coffee in Busselton. With its coastal charm and culinary allure, the city is a haven for breakfast enthusiasts seeking delightful morning experiences. From artisanal to mouth-watering brunch options, the city boasts a diverse range of cafes and restaurants that cater to every palate, so let us explore the best breakfasts in Busselton.  

breakfasts in Busselton

1. The Urban Coffee House:

Start your day with the perfectly executed Avocado Smash on Toast paired with a brewed cup of coffee. The Urban Coffee House’s warm ambience and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere to kickstart your morning. It is a cosy and modern coffee house that takes pride in its quality coffee and flavourful breakfast options. 


2. Good Egg Cafe:

Treat yourself to the cheeky Banana Bread French Toast at Good Egg Cafe. The cosy interior and welcoming staff create a homey setting for an enjoyable family breakfast. This family-friendly cafe with a welcoming atmosphere is known for its hearty breakfast options and friendly service. Even if you have fussy eaters, they will be delighted by their menu options. 



3. The Goose Bar & Kitchen:

If you are travelling down the coast to cool off in the summer season, then you won’t want to miss The Goose Bar & Kitchens and their amazing Acai Bowl with Fresh Berries, a refreshing and healthy breakfast option. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and the sea breeze as you savour each bite. A stylish venue with modern decor, offering a scenic waterfront view and a menu that celebrates fresh, local produce, values that we firmly stand with at Origins Market, always supporting only the best fresh and local products. 


4. Origins Market 

In the heart of Busselton, Origins Market is a culinary hub that embraces local flavours and supports regional producers. Whether you’re just looking for something fresh in the produce market or want to enjoy a proper meal to start your day off, Origins will have something right for you. The Butcher’s Wife offers some of the best breakfast wraps and bagel sandwiches, which you can pair with Livity’s fresh, cold-pressed juices or smoothies. If you’re looking for more of a morning buzz, Obison Coffee Roasters will have you taken care of with beans roasted to give you the best drop. As a perfect accompaniment to your brew, right next door is Dusty Buns, which serve up some of the best Cronuts down south amongst an assortment of sweet and savoury goodness made fresh in Busselton. We celebrate a collection of local products that can enhance your morning rituals. From fresh baked goods to locally sourced spreads, our market will define the true meaning of farm-to-table when you indulge in what Western Australia has to offer. 


5.  Poppy and Pip cafe

If you’re in a pinch for something light or fast, Poppy and Pip will look after you. From rolls to wraps to sandwiches, the friendly staff is more than helpful in recommending something that you will be sure to enjoy. If you’re not in a rush, then take the time to sit down and peruse their bright, vibrant menu. If you are lucky, you may even get to see their daschaunds as well. 


6. ArtGeo Courtyard Cafe:

If you are in search of something fresh and bursting with flavour, then look no further than the Artgeo Courtyard café; delight your taste buds with the Breakfast Bruschetta at ArtGeo Courtyard Cafe. The combination of roasted tomatoes and creamy feta creates a burst of flavour against the backdrop of the courtyard’s cultural charm. An alfresco cafe nestled within the ArtGeo Cultural Complex, known for its artistic ambience and freshly prepared dishes. 


7. The Deck Marina Bar & Restaurant:

The Deck Marina’s Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon is a culinary delight and a crowd favourite. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast while taking in the picturesque scenes of the marina. This waterfront restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and offers stunning marina views and a diverse breakfast menu. 


8. Benesse Busselton

Whether you are travelling with your furry friend or you’re just a person who appreciates animals in general, Benesse is a stop you will have to make on your trip down south. Enjoy a cup of their famous soul-blend coffee and engage with the amazing people of Bunbury. From fellow travellers, international tourists and your local workers, everyone will have a story to share, so what better way to go about it than over a good cup of coffee and a fresh, flavourful meal from their menu? 


9. Brimful of Asha

Enjoy breakfast your way, Brimful of Asha is a Busselton gem with its friendly staff, you will enjoy a Busselton experience perfect for couples, friends, dogs and family. The menu shows a range of classic menu items that will be sure to satisfy your dietary requirements whether you’re vegetarian or looking for something gluten-free. Brimful of Asha will be happy to cook up your choice to your liking. 


10. Pepi cafe

For a change of scenery Pepi Cafe embodies “cottage-core”, with their menu sourced straight from their community garden, have a stroll and soak in the unique atmosphere it brings. Pepi Cafe offers a unique range of organic vegetarian and vegan food items. 


Whether you are seeking a coastal view with runny eggs or exploring the variety of grocers at Origins Market, each breakfast spot on this list promises a unique and flavourful start to your day. So, wake up and smell the coffee because Busselton’s breakfast scene is ready to delight your taste buds. 

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