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5 Fascinating Facts About the Busselton Underwater Observatory  

Today, we shine a spotlight on one of Busselton’s many attractions, the Busselton Underwater Observatory. Only one of six underwater observatories in the world descend eight metres below the ocean’s surface and be led through the natural wonders that lie beneath the jetty. Located four minutes away from Origin Markets, this attraction has so much to offer, making it a must-visit on your next trip down south.  

  1. Busselton – the Window to the Ocean’s Depths:

This remarkable structure extends 1.8 kilometres into the pristine waters of Geographe Bay, offering an unparalleled view of the ocean’s depths to discover over 300 different marine species that will keep adults and children alike entertained. Positioned eight meters below sea level, take a short train rider to the observatory, where you will be met with one of the many friendly guides. The observatory provides an incredibly unique portal into the mesmerising marine world thriving beneath the surface. 

  1. Australia’s Greatest Artificial Reef:

Some may not know this, but the Busselton Jetty is more than just a scenic walkway where you can take that iconic picture—it’s an ecological marvel. Submerged beneath the jetty, as you enter the underwater observatory, see the artificial structures that create a thriving marine ecosystem, making it Australia’s greatest artificial reef. With the warm southerly currents converging around Geographe Bay, marvel at the biodiversity of the reef with its many vibrant corals and sponges. The observatory allows visitors to witness the vibrant marine life that has made this artificial reef its home. Schools of fish, colourful corals, and other fascinating underwater residents await your exploration. 

  1. A Time Capsule of Marine Evolution:

Step back in time as you descend into the Busselton Underwater Observatory. The observatory’s windows provide a time capsule of marine evolution, showcasing the various stages of life beneath the jetty. From juvenile fish seeking shelter to larger, more mature inhabitants, each window offers a glimpse into the intricate balance of the underwater ecosystem. Delve into the history of Busselton, learning the origins of the bay and the first days of the observatory. The viewable past is a living testament to the ongoing evolution of marine life and the ecosystem in Geographe Bay. 

  1. Educational Adventures for All Ages:

At Origins Market, we believe in the power of education and exploration. The Busselton Underwater Observatory aligns perfectly with this philosophy. The observatory offers guided tours led by knowledgeable marine experts who share insights into the local marine ecology, the importance of conservation, and the fascinating stories of the species that call Geographe Bay home. It’s an educational adventure suitable for visitors of all ages, inspiring a deeper appreciation for our oceans that I am sure the little ones will appreciate. 

  1. Environmental Stewardship and Conservation:

Much like Origins Market’s commitment to environmental stewardship, the Busselton Underwater Observatory plays a vital role in marine conservation. The observatory actively contributes to scientific research and conservation efforts, promoting a greater understanding of the marine environment and the impact of human activities. By visiting, you not only witness the wonders of the underwater world but also support initiatives dedicated to preserving these wonders for future generations.  

As you explore Origins Market and the wonders that surround it, don’t miss the opportunity to dive into the extraordinary experience offered by the Busselton Underwater Observatory. It’s more than just an underwater adventure; it’s a journey into the heart of Geographe Bay’s marine ecosystem. Join us in celebrating the beauty, diversity, and marvels of the ocean at this incredible underwater observatory—a testament to the extraordinary treasures that Western Australia has to offer. Come, dive in, swim, enjoy and be amazed! 

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