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Vendor Spotlight: Silas Espresso

Coffee for the connoisseur

 A piping hot, full bodied coffee made exactly the way you like it… What better way to start the day?

Serving up their fresh brews from 7am, Silas Espresso is a relative newcomer to Origins Market, located in the food hall at the western end of Origins Market.

While they may be new to Busselton, they are anything but new to coffee. These guys live and breathe the roasted brown bean and love to share their extensive knowledge so you can make a great cup of coffee at home as well as enjoying their special barista blend in-house from Thursday to Sunday.

Last weekend Sheldon, owner and chief coffee connoisseur of Silas Espresso, hosted an introduction to specialty coffee as part of Origins Market’s first anniversary celebrations. During this special gathering his guests were treated to a crash course on the history of coffee, how to pick the best coffee for home-use, and a special brewing lesson where participants learned how to get the best coffee from three popular brewing techniques aeropress, pour-over and French press.

Silas Espresso believes every coffee should be great, they call it ‘Specialty Grade’. It is a holy trinity that makes the perfect cup, “the three custodians” as Sheldon explains.

The three Custodians of Coffee: it begins with ‘The Farmer’ paying meticulous attention to the creation of the best green beans; second is ‘The Roaster’, Silas Espresso uses WA’s own Five Senses Coffee Roasters, they ensure the coffee beans are freshly roasted and showcase the origin flavours; and finally ‘The Barista’ (this is where Silas Espresso really shine), they use industry leading methods and training to ensure the best cup of coffee each and every time!

Come and have a chat with the team, they love to talk coffee and they love to serve it up! They open bright and early, serving from 7am Thursday to Sunday so you can start your day the right way!

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