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Vendor Spotlight: Livity Juice

Squeezing the best out of life

Fresh and juicy, and right up the front… Livity Juice is your first stop at Origins Market! Everyone’s favourite cold-pressed Margaret River juices have a new home, front and centre at the main entrance to Origins Market.

Livity Juice has become a staple for many a regular visitor to the market. Whether it’s the summer flavours of Pink with its watermelon and strawberry combo, or the revitalising tastes of Zest with its citrus rush, or the body shining goodness of Green and Jamu, there’s a juice here for everyone.

But wait, if you love the juices but want to switch it up a little, the fresh flavour masters at Livity Juice have introduced a range of smoothies just in time for the summer! Not just any smoothies, their weekly smoothie special board features delicious blends built from the freshest local ingredients and lovingly prepared at the stall.

Love (and life) is something you can taste in every sip, in fact Livity essentially means life and love, more specifically loving other people in the same way you love yourself and being connected to the earth and everything that sustains it. This is the inspiration behind Livity Juice and you can taste it!

The family behind Livity Juice, Rob, Clare, James and Jasmin, operate an organic farm in the region where, with the help of their chickens and growing flock of livestock, they aim to grow many of the delicious ingredients used in the nutritious juices.

Each juice is cold pressed right here in Margaret River using state of the art equipment and the freshest ingredients mother nature can provide. Every bottle (or jar) of  handcrafted goodness packs a punch in terms of both flavour and nutrients.

Stop and say ‘hi’ as you enter the market, Livity Juice serves up its delicious juices and smoothies from 9am to 6pm, Thursday to Sunday, but get in quick if it’s a hot day, the Zest practically runs out the door!

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