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Vendor Spotlight: Kira Price Photography

As you stroll through Origins Market, the vibrant colours will catch your eye, and you’ll find yourself stopping to admire the mini-gallery at Kira Price Photography.

The Indian Ocean coastline is unmistakable. It’s iridescent blue-green water, the white sand and granite crops along the shoreline. Kira captures these iconic landscapes of the South West with perfection.

Kira Price is a landscape photographer and drone pilot. Her unique style of ocean and farm photography is a reflection of the world she grew up in, on a farm on the South West coast of WA.  

Although a keen photographer while growing up, it was a recent course of events that led Kira to creating a business around her passion.

A little over two years ago Kira was living in Melbourne and working as a personal trainer. In early 2020 the pandemic caused all gyms to close and she couldn’t work. The talk of lockdowns and border closures prompted her to return home to WA, two days before the start of the first lockdown in Melbourne.

Back in WA she returned to creative pursuits. For fun she turned some of her photos into jigsaw puzzles and gave them to friends as presents. Soon her friends and family were buying them from her, and so were their friends – in six months she had sold over 100 puzzles. 

With the covid restrictions came a slower pace of life and more time on her hands. She picked up her camera, and started capturing the landscape and animals like she had when she was younger. Her Dad suggested she print and frame a few and take them to the markets. They were a hit (nice one Dad!). Seeing how much people loved them spurred Kira on to make a business out of photography.

Kira loves to experiment and play with ideas to see what gets a reaction from people. This often results in unique products like her rounds (circular frames) that are created in conjunction with local business Timber Grooves.  And puzzles that showcase the amazing places of the South West. 

When she’s not taking photos of horses and cows you can catch Kira at the markets. We’re open Thursday to Sunday every week! 

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