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The top 7 Best Steak Sandwich in the Southwest

It is that time of year again when WA is on the search for the best steak sandwich the local pubs, bar & bistros, and restaurants have to offer. The menu staple often considered the crowd pleaser can say a lot about the establishment from the star of the show- the steak, whether he is accompanied by a troupe of seasoning or if its sole presence will guide you on this flavour journey to the cut and crisp of beer battered chips served on the side. In honour of WA’s best steak sandwich competition, here is our list of the best steak sandwiches the Southwest has to offer.

The Best Steak Sandwich Listing

Best steak sandwich

Onya Pub Classic

Right in the heart of Busselton, you will find Origins Market, a hub of local vendors and artisanal producers. In the food section, with over 14 years of experience as a chef internationally, Onur Yukselen has a passion deeply rooted in pushing the creative boundaries of the culinary experience. You will find Onya Pub serving a wide range of traditional pub meals pairing perfectly with an ice cold one or a glass of wine. Onya’s rendition of the classic steak sandwich is certainly out there. Made with premium fillet steak, it is partnered with creamy chambray brie cheese with an edge provided by the Smokey mustard mayonnaise and peppery arugula, cutting through the savoury tones of the sandwich we have a bit of fig jam. This sandwich truly is a flavour explosion that will leave you wanting more.


Dunsborough Tavern

The Dunsy is right in the heart of Dunsborough, a stone’s throw away from the coastline. With its menu taking inspiration from the local surroundings, This American diner has put a twist on some of its Australian classics. The steak Sanga is made with the classic cut scotch fillet bedded on a toasted Mediterranean panini. The scotch fillet is accompanied by the classic Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard to help pack a nice punch to the taste buds with sweet, caramelised onions that cut through the savouriness of this classic pub dish at an affordable price point of $25.


The Deck

A feast for the senses, this establishment offers you a scenic panoramic waterfront view while you enjoy your meal, whether with family or trying to impress a date. Featured on their menu is the classic steak sandwich where nothing seems to out of the ordinary. Following the classic structure of scotch fillet, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion jam they have honed in on these classic ingredients to deliver you a sandwich on par with their experimental counterparts, though it may be a bit pricier it is well worth it.


The Ships Inn

Ahoy there! Standing tall in the heart of Albert Street, we have the ship’s inn. A modern and exciting hotel offering you multiple dining areas, each with its own unique experience. The Ships Inn brings to the table a unique experience on the  classic oub steak sandwich, this time with a different cut of meat., The star for this steak sandwich is the Porterhouse steak, the lean counterpart to the classic Scot fillet cut. What makes this steak sandwich a bit different from its counterparts is the blend of European elements being served on a slice of Turkish roll. The flavours are enhanced with the accompaniment of grain mustard, aioli, and rocket as opposed to the standard lettuce leaf and rather than jam as it is topped with the naturally sweet raw red onion.


The Vasse Tavern

Their menu, much like the tavern itself, is a classic monument to the original hospitality icon from 1906. Making their steak sandwich with a sirloin cut, which some may say is less flavourful than its marbled counterpart, is still considered the perfect cut as it makes up most of the T-bone steak cut. Not only is it more cost-friendly, but it still offers a good level of tenderness, which elevates a pub’s steak sandwich.


Albies Bar & Bistro

Coming out with their new menu in April, Albies Bar & Bistro features a true American twist on this Australian pub classic. The TAV steak sandwich, formerly known as the steak burger, features an American seasoned steak frying company in new friends such as American cheddar than the classic Swiss cheese, and as opposed to the usual onion jam, it is partnered with fried onions and pickles.



Take yourself on a culinary journey with Hallys, experience Busselton from a new perspective perched on the rooftop bar, or maybe kick back and relax in their beer garden. Wherever it may be, you choose to sit, you will be drooling over Hally’s take on the classic steak sandwich. Chargrilled sirloin on toasted ciabatta bread topped off with the floral, sweet, and slightly grounded flavour notes of the beetroot relish, accompanied with the classics we know and love that is fresh sliced tomato and swiss cheese served with a side of chips.

Come down to Origins Market to try Onya Pub Classic’s steak sandwich competitor for WA’s best steak sandwich and cast your vote. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity as it will only be available for a limited time, grab your friends or your family and make an event out of it visiting or other vendors and local attractions.

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