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Mandoon Estate join the line-up

Launching in November 2021, this landmark destination couldn’t come soon enough. Featuring over 100 of Western Australia’s best producers, farmers, artisans and creators all under one roof, Origins will serve as an authentic one-stop market for foodies, families and anyone looking for the very freshest produce and artisan products WA has to offer.

“We’re creating a space that does not currently exist in Western Australia: a place for both local and visiting shoppers to engage with the region’s most celebrated farmers, producers, winemakers, artisans, and creators – all under one roof.” says Allan Erceg, the visionary behind Origins Market.

Putting his money where his mouth is, Allan Erceg has brought not just one, but two of his family-owned flagship brands to the Market vendor line-up. They have been tasked with the brief to blur the lines between production and consumption in both the wine making and brewer context and their General Manager, Travis O’Rafferty has embraced the concept wholeheartedly. “Mandoon Estate is thrilled to be involved with Origins Market.   As a WA boutique producer of fine wine and craft beer we take every opportunity to support local, and we are very excited to partner with Origins market to showcase just how exceptional WA produce is.   We look forward to being a part of an exciting hub of WA Food and Beverage producers,” says O’Rafferty.

Origins Market at a glance:

  • The focus of Origins is to honour produce of WA – local, ethical produce that follows the seasons. By supporting local farmers, growers and producers, we’re not only supporting our local community, we’re reducing food miles and working towards a wholly sustainable operation.
  • An interior urban garden will include local flora and edible herbs, providing an ever-changing and organic space within the market itself.
  • Blurring the lines between production and consumption, visitors will get to connect more meaningfully with the origins of the produce and products they love.
  • Technically housed indoors, with glass highlight windows welcoming in the adjacent Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands; sky lights and a louvered section of roof, will ensure the brightness of an open-air market – come rain or shine.
  • A series of planned events are sure to become fixtures in your calendar: from urban wine crushing to exclusive chef demonstrations.

What about if there is a resurgence of Covid-19?

In response to the Covid-19 uncertainty, Erceg believes that more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of their food’s supply chain, and more determined than ever to support local producers and regain some kind of connection with the origins of the produce they consume.

“If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that whilst globalisation has many benefits, cherishing and appreciating what is right in front of us, and what is produced locally, is far better for our health and our planet too,” says Erceg.

Waste not, want not

To this end, the market aims to set a new benchmark in terms of waste management and eco-friendly design and practice. In Erceg’s own words:

“We’re mindful of the fact that we’re making decisions that will last longer than we will. This increases our commitment to boosting local economies, supporting ethical practices and reducing food miles by investing in local produce.”

Want to get involved?

Everyone’s excited about visiting this much-anticipated market, but if you’re interested in being on the other side of the Origins table (as a trader, entrepreneur or partner), visit their website for all the details: www.originsmarket.com.au.

Contact: Deon Maas on deon@originsmarket.com.au or 0448 704 390.

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