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Local Businesses Get Dirty for a Good Cause

Local businesses have joined forces to support a significant revegetation project in North Jindong.

Last week, staff from Vasse Valley Hemp Farm, Origins Market and Hemp N Healthy put their green thumbs to work to plant nearly 7000 natives over five hectares of degraded farmland.

A suite of other local community members, including a dozen youngsters under 10, volunteered their time to assist with the planting.

Vasse Valley farm manager Chris Blake said he is exhausted but pleased with the level of support shown from local businesses and community.

“With the help of the community, in the last five days we have revegetated over 25% of our farm to local natives,” said Chris.

That’s over 13 acres of degraded farmland that will capture nearly 2000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next 25 years and provide habitat for wildlife.”

“Farmers are key players in the fight against climate change and if each farm committed to revegetating a small portion of unproductive land it could make a huge difference.”

“However, revegetation projects are expensive and labour intensive and we can’t leave the entire responsibility on farmers.”

“That’s where local businesses and the community come in. Together, we can pool resources to help farmers transition pockets of land into carbon sinks” said Chris.

Origins Market was a gold sponsor for this project, donating both funds and time.

Origins Managing Director Pip Close said the team at Origins Market had a great day supporting Vasse Valley’s revegetation project.

“As a key stallholder within the market whose values align with ours, it was a no brainer to jump on board,” said Pip.

“We commend Vasse Valley’s efforts in restoring native vegetation which is essential to preserving our local biodiversity.  It is satisfying to know that in some small way we have helped enhance habitat for our local wildlife in years to come.”

This project was supported by the Federal Government’s Carbon and Biodiversity Pilot Program, South West Catchments Council, and WA businesses including The Dam Denmark (Gold Sponsor), Innovation Cluster (Silver Sponsor), and a suite of bronze sponsors including Arbor Guy, Soaps Suds and Oils of Margaret River, Hemp Squared, Margaret River Truffle Farm and Replenish Kalamunda.





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