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A tale of two oceans

Positioned between the Southern and Indian Oceans, Augusta is known as the seafood capital of WA, and with good reason!

The lives of the locals have always been entwined with fishing, whether for fun or income.

There is a thriving industry in Augusta where fish, abalone and crayfish, just to name a few, are sustainably farmed to share with WA and the world!


Synonymous with quality seafood for nearly 50 years, Anthony and Hayley Cooke, from Cooke Fisheries along with Peter and Ellie Hughes have joined with Nathan and Bill Reay from Magic Abalone to bring their sustainably caught produce to Origins Market.

All three families are passionate about minimal wastage, ensuring every piece of the fish is used, with Magic Abalone also making abalone flakes and salt to preserve the produce.

With customers regularly travelling to Augusta to stock up, we can’t wait to have these local legends supply their fresh, high quality and sustainable produce at Origins Market.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know some of our local makers and operators this week!

Stay tuned for our next adventure!

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