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A Chilled Summer at Origins Market

As the temperature rises outside, let Origins Market’s stall holders keep you cool with their summer delights.  After a morning in the sizzling sun, step inside the market to cool off and treat yourself and your family to something delicious, cool and seasonal.

Starting with Sub Zero Gelato, their handcrafted icy treats are a sure way to keep cool this summer.  Try the all new limoncello or old favourite mango for a flavour-packed burst of chill.  And as the sign says, “It’s not going to lick itself”.

Livity Juice will cool you off with a frozen slushy made from their most popular juices Zest and Pink.  For a health kick as well as a cool down, choose one of their smoothies or pre-made juices from the fridge.

The Balinese Butcher has your summer salads sorted.  If it’s too hot for their mildly spicy nasi goreng and kebabs why not go for one of their amazing and delicious salads to bring just the right amount of cool satisfaction.

The Produce Market at Origins offers grab and go pre-cut seasonal fruit for a healthy and delicious snack or to take back to the beach after your break from the sun!

And for a cool down with a kick, grab a frappe from Silas Espresso.  They’re a real treat with both cream and sub zero gelato included (& optional).  Choose from fruity flavours for the youngsters or coffee and even dirty chai for those that like a hit of caffeine.  

Origins Market is an undercover community hub with an indoor playground, parenting room and is accessible to all.  For some time out of the sun, sign up for a creative workshop or stop for lunch from one of our internationally influenced eateries.  Open from Thursday to Sunday 8.30am to 6pm and late on Friday and Saturday for Origins By Night 6pm to 9pm. 

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