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8 Best Cafes in Perth

Calling out all café lovers, get ready to delve into a taste of café cultures in Perth! Located within the bustling streets of Western Australia, Perth offers many attractive cafes that are sure to delight coffee and brunch enthusiasts. This blog will take you on a caffeinated journey to discover the hidden gems that make Perth’s cafés so vibrant. So be prepared to sip, savour, and uncover the finest coffee and culinary experiences that this wonderful city has to offer! 

8 Best Cafes in Perth

Hylin Café  

Located at 178 Railway Parade West Leederville, which is just a 10-minute drive from Perth’s CBD, this New York City-inspired café is a must-visit. Explore this nature-like themed café by sitting under the trees out on the front and checking out their lush menu, whether you are just after a quick bagel or their mouthwatering, refreshing acai bowl or smashed avocado. Furthermore, their beans are supplied by Micrology Coffee, which is an independent local roaster that will have people forming lines at the door waiting to sip their freshly brewed coffee!  

La Veen Coffee 

La Veen Coffee is arguably one of the best cafes in Perth. Situated at 90 King Street Perth, this incredible café is hidden in a heritage building with an exterior designed with bricks and wood, providing a relaxing urban atmosphere for the coffee crowd. They even offer a various selection of beans from Rockingham’s 5 Senses and other bean types sourced from small roasters based in the east. The welcoming staff members are more than happy to share their coffee knowledge and educate people on different brewing techniques and their delicious food from casual dining. Don’t wait, and mark this as your next breakfast destination! 

Grouch & Co. 

 In Grouch & Co., the quality of coffee is the top priority, where passionate baristas roast their coffee in small batches and curate seasonal blends that are guaranteed to impress coffee addicts. Nestled at 1, 45 McCoy Street Myaree, the friendly team here provides impeccable customer service that will make customers feel homed and ensure they return time and time again. Grouch & Co. is also known for their unique handmade ceramic cups designed by a Japanese artist, Naomi Sugi, that will leave you amazed. Do pay a visit here and their coffees will be sure to leave you energised for the day! 

Hop Café  

Sweet tooths and coffee lovers, you are in for a delicious treat! Located at 2/366 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park, many have been wanting to visit this café for their cellar-door style coffee tastings that feature a rotating roster of local roasters, whether it is cold brew, batch brew, or even espressos. Needless to say, they pair well with their in-house desserts like cakes and tarts that will leave you drooling! This minimalistic and monochromic-themed café also offers tasting flights, so feel free to try out the full spectrum of flavours made from a single bean. With so many options to choose from, get ready to hop onto this café! 

Sixteen Ounces 

 Caffeine fans! We have got you covered! With a wide range of coffee styles, don’t be surprised if you are being caught in a dilemma with their various selections, from single-origin filter brews, cold drips, and even house blends on the machines in Sixteen Ounces. Situated at 257 Albany Highway, this popular café is catered to those who are picky and has a menu to suit anyone’s appetite. The excitement does not end here! They have tasty brunch dishes like loaded hash with spicy slow-cooked beef, signature eggs benny with thick-cut bacon with a choice of house-made hollandaise or mushroom medley. Be sure to leave this store with a happy tummy! 

Mo Espresso 

Calling out those city regulars out there! Whether it is for work, home, or even exploring Perth City, you are in for an exciting moment! Nestled at 72 St Georges Terrace, Trinity Arcade, Mo Espresso is operated by a father-son duo who has been serving one of the best coffees for several years in Perth with high-quality brews from beans including 5 Senses, Mecca, 7 Seeds and Dukes, and the list goes on! No worries if you aren’t a coffee fan; the sweet and savoury doughnuts here will surely leave you and your tummy smiling when you walk out of the store. It sounds simple yet so delightful, isn’t it? 

Engine Room Espresso 

Nestled at 450c Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, this friendly café sits on the throne for being one of the best cafes in Perth. Feel free to explore their beautiful courtyard at the back of the store, which has a tranquil atmosphere filled with nature for those keen to catch some fresh air. Engine Room Espresso’s coffee is wonderfully made by coffee experts who understand their craft and make coffee that tastes like heaven. Indulge in their simple but varied food choices, like mouthwatering cinnamon scrolls, authentic bagels, and scrumptious toasties. Wait no more and gather your family and friends to have an enjoyable moment here; we assure you won’t regret it! 

Bean Dreamin’ Coffee Co. 

And finally, we have Bean Dreamin’ Coffee Co., a remarkable one-stop shop in Origins Market based in Busselton that gives off positive vibes and serves irresistible coffee filled with a symphony of aromas. They offer classic coffee options such as cappuccino, latte, flat white, mocha and long black. Beyond just their attractive and vibrant-looking van, their perfect latte arts designed by skilled baristas are sure to bring joy to coffee lovers and is even Instagram-worthy! So get ready to whip out your phones and take countless of pictures before taking the first sip! 

As we conclude our journey of exploring the best cafes in Perth, we hope that you have been inspired to venture out and savour these fantastic destinations. Whether you’re a local discovering a new go-to spot or a visitor eagerly wanting to experience Western Australia’s coffee and brunch, Perth’s cafés have something for everyone to munch and sip on! 

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