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Top 8 Best Asian Eateries in Busselton: An Origins Market Guide 

Warm up this winter with the best Asian eateries in Busselton. Experience a new range of spices and flavours that will warm up your belly, from tasty Korean fried chicken to a classic bowl of seafood laksa. Origins Market brings you a list of our favourite eateries in Busselton. 

Asian Eateries in Busselton 

asian eateries

1. The Butcher’s Wife

Made from the Balinese Butcher in Origins Market brings you the butcher’s wife. This husband-and-wife team brings to Busselton the traditional tasty street food to the Busselton food scene. Think delicious satays and the classic nasi goreng packed with flavours and spice. Try their special Balinese sausages, packed with spice and deliciousness and ready to eat as you explore the markets or Busselton. 

 2. Tora Sushi

If you’re looking for something fresh with a different type of spice kick, then Tora Sushi is the place to be. With a selection of hand-rolled sushi, this Japanese-themed eatery brings authenticity to the plate with locally sourced fish. Find something to eat on the go or pack a box for your Airbnb stay. 

 3. Uncle Ted Korean Street Food

With few Korean restaurants around, Uncle Ted offers Busselton’s food scene something new and different. Discover authentic Korean street food that will make your taste buds dance. From viral Korean corndogs to Korean pancakes (hotteok), this place is perfect for dining in or grabbing something on the go. 

 4. The Vietnamese Kitchen

There’s nothing quite like a good Banh mi, with a juicy pork belly that has a nice crisp crackling on a bed of butter and pâté spread along the pillowy, soft, warm Vietnamese baguette. You’ll want to come back to Origins Market for more. 

 5. Pho Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant

Whether you’re looking for lunch or dinner, Pho Saigon will be open with an extensive range of classic Vietnamese dishes that will keep you warm this winter with their pho’s rich, tasty broth. 

 6. Dunsborough Chinese Restaurant

If you read our other blog on what to do this winter school holiday, you may have noticed that one of the itinerary’s activities is cave exploring along Caves Road. Not too far away, you can find Dunsborough Chinese Restaurant for a nice, quick, easy meal to replenish after a full day’s worth of activities or to fuel up before heading into the caves. 

 7. Blue Manna Bistro

Nothing warms you up more than a hot bowl of curry. At Blue Manna Bistro, you can enjoy a selection of locally sourced seafood cooked in an Asian-Western fusion that will have your mouth watering. Located in Busselton, you can finish your day with a nice dinner after exploring Origins Market. 

 8. Great Wall Busselton Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant

Specializing in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, Great Wall Busselton combines the best of both worlds. They offer a buffet and menu selection of all your fan favourites, from sweet and sour pork to hot, flaky spring rolls. 

This winter, warm up with exotic cuisine at Origins Market, where you can try a bit of everything as you explore what all the different food vendors and artisans have to offer in Busselton. 

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