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6 Best Travel Destinations in WA in Summer 

Are you keen to explore the best of Western Australia this Summer but not too sure where to go? It may not be recognised, but outside of all the tourist attractions, there are cities and towns for everyone in this great state called WA, from those seeking thrills and adventures to the self-certified gourmand and the family looking for activities to do Western Australia has a wide range of experiences and places to see. 

Margaret River  

A popular destination among many locals, it can be considered the getaway destination for Australians in many ways.  

With a charming town at its centre, famous locations such as the famous Margaret River Bakery can be found with fresh-cut loaves of bread, pastries, and sweets. Venture further out, and you have a selection of wineries to visit. Sample the beautiful wines with locally grown grapes straight from the vineyards. For the kids, the classic Margaret River Chocolate Factory, where you can view the chocolatiers in practice.  

During the summer times, you cannot miss out on the beaches! Ten minutes west of town, there is Gnarabup Beach or Surfers Point. Sit down, have a picnic, catch some waves, or even stand back and watch the pros. 


In the heart of the Southwest, there are beautiful waters to snorkel in and even the opportunity for underwater walking, a plethora of swimming, bushwalking and other outdoor activities for the granola guys and girls. 

It is the perfect location for those drawn to the oceans three hours away from Perth. Spend your days paddling in the lovely calm waters and take a must-do pic at the famed Busselton jetty. Take a pleasant stroll to Norfolk Pines before settling into a shady spot where the kids can run amok on the playground. If they feel more adventurous, take the kids ziplining in the Ludlow Tuart Forrest.  

In Busselton, there is also the famed Origins market; diverse in what they offer, there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a gift that showcases some of the finest craftsmanship or wish to sample some delicious fresh local produce and foods. Origins Market is a home for all, suitable for all ages and families; check to see the upcoming events.  


If you have a 4WD, then Albany is a must. Drive along the beautiful rainbow coast and access some of the most beautiful beaches with soft white sands and crystal-clear blue waters. If you want to see some of the gnarliest waves, enter Dingo’s Beach to seek some thrills; for someone not too fond of the sand but still enjoys a sight to see, then venture up the tracks to West Cape Howe and see the iconic tower that climbers from around the world come to see. 

If your car isn’t quite fitted to handle the rough and bumpy terrains that Albany has to offer, do not fret, as there are still plenty of areas to access on a 2WD. See the notorious blowholes and visit the gap where you will see the intrinsic art left behind by years of weather brought by the harsh waves smacking and cutting up against the rock; visit Cheyne’s Beach or even set up camp at Cable Beach, explore the rocks thrown around by nature, take. A picture with the friendly wildlife and wake up to a beautiful sunrise with its rays bouncing off the water.  


Sands so fine they squeak underfoot, kangaroos relaxing on the beach. Western Australia is truly home to some of the best beaches in Australia. 

If sand is not up your alley, then don’t fret, as not only is Esperance home to 110 uninhabited islands, but if you ever want to see the great Stonehenge of England, then visit Frenchman Peak for a hike. Esperance has so much to offer, from natural oddities such as their Bubble-gum pink lake Hiller to a more thought-provoking trip to the museum where space equipment is made to be on showcase. 


If you are a waterbody and love everything to do with the sea, then Exmouth is your go-to destination.   

Access the reef offshore at Oyster Stacks and witness the small underwater city, a unique reef with many shelves for Sealife to take shelter in, and witness a whole different scenery to life on the land. Go even further and join some of the largest creatures in the sea for a swim; swim with the humpback whales and whale sharks further up in the Ningaloo and have a story to share that is unique to others. 


Camping or Glamping?  Karijini has you covered for both! If you love to rough it up, there are campsites (Dales Campground) 15 15-minute walk by the gorge where you can pitch your tent, throw down a swag, and enjoy a nice dinner by the fire as you gaze upon the starlit night. For those wanting to sleep a bit more luxuriously in a bed with sheets, there is a glamping site based right in Karijini. 

Explore the fiery rust-red deep gorges and swim in one of the many cool swimming holes. If you are looking for views, drive to the Oxer lookout, where you can see the different named gorges all meet. Have your experience of this sight further exemplified by the sunset lighting up the brilliant shade of red; it is truly a sight to see. 


Right next to Bunbury, this place is a go-to for food, with multiple breweries for choice and a fine dining experience to appear in your top 10 places to eat when sharing stories with friends. Get yourself a tasty meat pie at the famous Dunsborough bakery before heading to Copper Rocks for some views. If you wish to end the night on a fancier note, then go visit Yarri, a nice little restaurant further in town. They provide a set menu unlike any other, with a beautiful wine pairing to go along with each dish on their seasonal menu. 

During the summer break, take this opportunity to explore all that Western Australia has to offer, from historical sites and family fun to some of the more adventurous activities. Be in awe of the natural beauty and amazing beaches that WA has to offer whilst also enjoying some of the amazing food the locals have to offer. 


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