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The 5 Best Winter School Holiday Activities with Origins Market

The winter school holidays are fast approaching, and as the season changes, you might be at a loss thinking, how can I possibly keep the family entertained? Luckily, the team at Origins Market has put our heads together to compile a list of wonderful activities. So, ditch the shorts, pack your best winter outfits and head to the Southwest!

 Winter School Holiday Activities

winter school holidays

Bluey & Bingo’s Day out at Origins Market!

You read that right. Your two favourite puppies on Aussie TV will appear at Origins Market on Saturday, June 29th, from 10 am to 12 pm, for a free meet and greet to kick off the Winter school holidays. Come say hello and snap a photo with Bluey & Bingo!


New Marine Discovery Centre opens 1st July 2024

Opening just in time for the Winter School holidays, the new Marine Discovery Centre is the perfect stop on a cold and wet winter’s day. Opening 1st July in the Visitor Centre, the Marine Discovery Centre is an interactive experience highlighting the importance of our big blue backyard. Walk through seagrass meadows, listen to the haunting melodies of whales in the open ocean, come face-to-face with a shark, and manoeuvre a virtual submarine through Perth’s deep ocean canyon! Book your tickets in advance; this will be a popular attraction these school holidays!


Go WILD at Origins Market These School Holidays

Origins Market will go WILD school holidays with an impressive giant animatronic dragonfly and wild-themed activities. Enjoy fun DIY crafts where kids can make their own animal masks and unscramble a mystery word for a chance to win a prize.


Visit the Mermaid Cave

Continuing with our underwater exploration, the Mermaid Cave, located in the Busselton CBD, is a charming place where you can get up close to some wonderful marine life, such as Molly and Larry, the two eels. Enjoy fun shows and a collection of over 300 seashells. This visit will keep the kids engaged and learning.


Go Cave Exploring Along Caves Rd

If you’re looking for something adventurous, the Southwest has a whole road of real-life caves ready to be explored. Some cave formations are over 50,000 years old. Witness the amazing stalagmites and stalactites formations. Visiting a cave is the perfect way to escape a cold and wet day!


Forest Adventures

Come rain or shine, Forest Adventures is always a family favourite. With different levels designed for various ages, strap yourself in for an adventure in the treetops as you navigate the obstacle courses and zip-line across. This is something that will have the kids excited for their next show-and-tell.


Plan a holiday trip to the Southwest; you won’t be short on activities and attractions to entertain the kids! With the change of seasons, witness a whole new side of the SouthWest. Kick off your school holidays with a visit to Origins Market and enjoy school holiday fun, food, shopping and an indoor playground – all undercover! The SouthWest is the perfect place to spend these school holidays with the family.

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